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The e-platform 3.0 is an exclusive technology platform created by BYD for pure electric vehicles, which integrates efficiency, safety, intelligence and aesthetics. Through years of vertical integration, BYD has mastered the key technologies of electric vehicle R&D and manufacturing in the field of new energy vehicles. Through proper design structure and modularization, BYD enables compatibility with various layouts - (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive). It means that the e-platform 3.0 can not only create a model with the ultimate experience, but also allow smart electric vehicles of various sizes, from A-class cars to D-class cars, covering all aspects.


The e-platform 3.0 adopts the integrated design of the blade battery and the body, and on this basis, an exclusive power transmission design for pure Electric Vehicles becomes possible. The fully flat floor design makes the side force transmission structure more stable and coherent. The fusion of the blade battery and the body, the optimized structure design of the whole vehicle, the force transmission path of the body gains both the full flat frame and the battery structure, which improves the anti-intrusion ability of the body and effectively suppresses the floor vibration. Such structural features not only improve the safety of the whole vehicle, but also improve the driving experience.


Part of the e-platform 3.0 architecture is the computer hardware and the BYD OS operating system in software. Both technologies are modularized and can be shared across platforms. This technology enables the iteration cycle to be shortened by 70%. The flat blade battery and the deeply integrated 8-in-1 assembly, structural architecture design and high expandability of the e-platform 3.0 creates a larger axle-to-length ratio, a lower body posture, and ultra-low wind resistance , to achieve low lying and large space.


The cradle for the next generation of EVs

Equipped with ultra-safe blade batteries integrated into the car body, the e-platform 3.0 builds up a special pure electric vehicle frame structure to increase the rigidity of the vehicle.

The new platform enables ranges exceeding 1,000 km (620 miles) through the world’s first 8-in-1 electric powertrain. In addition, the world’s first fast charging technology enables a range up to 150 km (93 miles) after a 5-minute charging. The original designed direct cooling and heating system for batteries increases the thermal efficiency by up to 20% while reducing energy loss. Additionally, the heat pump system which can work at temperatures from -30℃ to 60℃, has increased the range by up to 20% in winter, since the system leverages the residual heat from surroundings, the powertrain, passenger compartment and even the batteries. Finally, the brand-new electric AWD system features 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration improved to 2.9 seconds, resulting in energy consumption compared to that of 2WD vehicles, while letting users enjoy the high performance of AWD EVs.




Ocean-X, a mid-size concept car which is built based on the e-platform 3.0, excels in safety, range, charging, intelligence, and design, making it a more efficient and safer intelligent EV for the next generation.

The e-platform 3.0 deeply integrated the drive, braking, and steering system. The industry’s first drive train domain controller has been developed through the full utilization of the electric motors’ fast response and has been applied on the model EA1. BYD’s smart cockpit domain controller and smart body domain controller are already in mass production. As for software, BYD has independently developed the BYD OS which decouples hardware and software, offering an elite collaboration system for high levels of intelligent driving.

On the side of aesthetics, the vehicle features shorter overhangs and a longer wheelbase, significantly expanding the passenger space; a lower body and a longer wheelbase liberate the vehicle’s aerodynamic design, decreasing the drag coefficient to 0.21Cd.

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